Friday, October 1, 2010

Lost Girl – A brand new series

A new supernatural related series aired a few weeks ago in the U.S and I have been patiently awaiting to write this review. I decided to wait a bit, watch a couple of episodes first before I render my verdict.

And so I did. I've watched three whole episodes and I dare say that I am ready.

Cleverly playing with the title, “Lost Girl” introduces us to a world where the “Fae” (meaning all supernatural creatures) are divided into two groups, the dark and the light. Having been hidden since birth, a succubus named Bo finds her self being the object of desire of both sides. After passing tests and getting a crash course on what it is to be a fae she decides not to chose sides, but to remain neutral having a human on her side. And even though everything seems to be running smoothly the audience is made aware that the girl has a secret destiny that even she is not aware of.

Not a fan of the cast or the plot so far, but I've decided to hold my horses and give it the benefit of the doubt before I start being my usual self.

So bare with me for a while and I'll get back to you.


  1. This actually sounds quite intersting. I'll give it a chance, I will.

  2. Indeed. I'll have a look though. Just to make sure.


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