Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sleepy Hollow is the first of many...

First things first, we are still here and we are not going anywhere, we might have been silent for a while but that is about to change, drastically.

And now to more important things, September and October to me always felt like Christmas, it's the time when most things start and unfortunately, sometimes, others end. So let the games begin and for the kickoff I have something surprising.

I hadn't planned on starting this season with a TV series but what are you gonna do?

Sleepy Hollow is a name that we have all heard and naturally associated with the beautifully dark talent of Tim Burton, but one of this seasons premieres takes us to a modern version of the myth.

An English civil war double agent recruited by the forces of good sworn to battle evil in all its shapes and forms, is awakened after two hundred years to finish what he started. Being killed after successfully, or so he thought, stopping one of evil's outbreaks, Incabod Crane wakes up in 2013 Sleepy Hollow only to find out that nothing was or is as it seems.

A new take on an story told many a time with clear influences, artistically speaking, from Pan's Labyrinth and a cast well chosen, up for the task. As the plot thickens we are made aware of secret societies of past and present as well as the importance of the main characters in battling evil in the name of the human race.

Quite captivating in the first few episodes, all that remains to be seen is whether or not it will continue to unravel in a way worthy of our anticipation.

I truly hope so...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hemlock Grove

Let me start by saying, I love Netflix! Not having to wait 3 to 6 months to watch an entire season; seriously, what could be better than that? I would also like to welcome it to the horror family.

Hemlock Grove is a brand new and horror adjacent. I say adjacent because it's not going to give you any scares, but vampires, werewolves and strange creatures are definitely on the menu.

The ingredients are, as always, a quite small little town, a high school, someone rich, someone poor, and the girl.

I haven't read the book it was based on so I cannot really say how good an adaptation it was, but what I can say is it was not half bad. The relationship between a werewolf, new in town, and an upir (code for vampire) becomes complex right when a series of bizarre killings starts. All eyes fall on the newcomer gypsy since he already admitted to being a werewolf to one of his schoolmates.

Who is killing?

Will the upir realise what it is?

Who is the mysterious mother?

What exactly is Shelley?

Who will get the girl?

What is uroboros anyway?

...and other questions will be answered, or not, in 13 nicely filmed episodes.

Let me just warn all of you it becomes a little tiresome before it reaches it's peak and I wasn't exactly a fan of the finale.
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