About the Chamber of Horrors

Conceived while having a rather relaxed drink, the Chamber of Horrors aims to disturb as much as possible, while simultaneously making sure horror fans are being entertained (and sedate). The Chamber after all embraces all kinds of horror and every approach to the supernatural; from the humorous to the romantic, from the odd to the macabre, from the old to the new. We really are an eclectic bunch with diverse tastes.

You, dear read, should thus expect mentions to Byron and Shelley, reviews of modern TV shows, movies and books, articles covering horror RPGs, board and video games, critiques of graphic novels, the latest news and a menagerie of ghouls, zombies, wraiths, vampires, werewolves and other fantasy beasties. We do, after all, enjoy all kinds of horror. Yes, b-movies too. Even a bit of art.

Let us entertain you,

Your hosts,

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