Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead ZombiesWhen I originally grabbed my first issue of The Walking Dead, I really wasn't expecting much. Simply wanted to read something about zombies as a follow up to the highly atmospheric World War Z. It looked after all just like another dark and gritty, monthly, slightly banal, black and white comic with zombies in it.Then again, the quality of the art was pretty impressive, and despite an incredibly clich├ęd opening, the story felt promising, interesting and extremely subtly hinting at imaginative new ideas. Thing is, the first issue of The Walking Dead left me wanting for more and happily, after hundreds, possibly thousands of pages later, I must say I'm glad I decided to stick with the series.

The Walking Dead, you see, sports the Romero kind of zombie and, beside sporting some excellent, complicated and realistic characters, manages to come up with an intriguing critique of mankind's brutality, simultaneously with a celebration of its greatest moments. After all, in any good zombie story, the zombies are not the main, let alone the only, adversary, and all post-apocalyptic worlds can be a literary social testbed. The tons of gore and gripping, at times deeply disturbing, plot can thus be considered a lovely bonus to a dark vision of humanity.

I strongly suggest you have a look at the official The Walking Dead website. You can also grab copies of The Walking Dead via Amazon.

Monday, June 21, 2010


true blood
Fangs, meanads, shape shifters, mortals, superhuman powers, werewolves...
ingredients in a TV soup trying to introduce a world of love, hate and betrayal.

Does it really work though?

After two mediocre seasons, True Blood continues following the same old recipe, taking advantage of all the cursed beings that the human mind has ever created.
Werewolves are the main feature in this season's premiere in hopes of renewing interest in a series meant for 15-year old misfit girls.
Regardless of the series's success in the U.S there are those whose voices cannot be silenced. Those who actually believe that stuffing lore of dark creatures in a simple script does not guarantee an outcome worthy of their appeal...

Quoth the Raven

Worst Case Scenario

worst case scenario nazi zombiesIt's been ages since the spectacularly odd Nazi Zombies of Worst Case Scenario were promised to us and just over a year since the (deeply troubled and quite indie) project was officially put on hold. Being the rather informed optimist I am, well, I'm sure we can assume the film to be pretty much dead. It will probably never be made and its gore will never be seen in all its glory, though this simply can't stop the Chamber from linking to its still functioning official website and from providing you with two of the most impressive horror trailers ever created:

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