Monday, June 21, 2010


true blood
Fangs, meanads, shape shifters, mortals, superhuman powers, werewolves...
ingredients in a TV soup trying to introduce a world of love, hate and betrayal.

Does it really work though?

After two mediocre seasons, True Blood continues following the same old recipe, taking advantage of all the cursed beings that the human mind has ever created.
Werewolves are the main feature in this season's premiere in hopes of renewing interest in a series meant for 15-year old misfit girls.
Regardless of the series's success in the U.S there are those whose voices cannot be silenced. Those who actually believe that stuffing lore of dark creatures in a simple script does not guarantee an outcome worthy of their appeal...

Quoth the Raven


  1. So, uhm, not exactly highly recommended, is it?

    Shame really, as I was actually looking forward to giving the show a try.

  2. It's the only thing to fill my vampire cravings for now.. I wasn't crazy about the 2nd season, it got pretty weird for a while..

    It will do until the next season of Dexter is here...

  3. I'm actually thinking about watching a couple episodes myself dear Deitrix, but -hopefully- Futurama will keep me in line.

  4. You should give it a watch.. I've seen them all, and this season seems entertaining enough so far..

  5. well said children
    well said..


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