Friday, October 15, 2010

Nightmare 1984 Vs 2010

I was so excited when I heard that Wes Craven's classic “Nightmare on Elm Street” was about to have a baby sibling, at the same time though, memories of the original started popping in my head. Was the remake going to be as satisfying as the original? Was it going to be better or was I heading for another disappointment?

So, I went on and prepared a little crash test for you!


Good special effects and a storyline not too far from the original. Nice casting and quite believable performances. The director Samuel Bayer managed to capture part of the atmosphere and I'm pretty sure that people who hadn't seen the original would be pleased with the outcome.


The element of surprise! The first time ever that Freddy Krueger makes his appearance! Not knowing what to expect and where that is gonna come from. The perfect man, Robert Englund, as Freddy and Johnny Depp's film debut! The chills you get when you hear Freddy's song for the first time....

Score: 2 – 4

1984 wins

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