Monday, May 9, 2011

The Cube

Imagine waking up completely bewildered amongst people you had never set eyes upon till then. Confined in a place that could only be described as a white room similar to nothing you had ever seen, with no doors, no windows, no traces of escape.

No-one seemed important, yet everyone was special in his or her own way. Trying to make sense of it all, trying to comprehend the aim of the game, trying to make people work together to increase the chances (if any...) of survival.

Only one would make it to the end. Only one could feel the sweet touch of fresh air upon his face. Everyone else is doomed. Everyone else would just be used as pawns to help you check-mate. Your king should be kept safe. You should be kept safe, that's all that matters.

I won't be spoiling anything else for you. I just hope I've set the mood for watching what I consider one of the top films of it's time. Let me say this though: there is no greater monster than man himself.

Once upon a time, long before films like SAW were even considered, there was the CUBE...

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