Thursday, March 15, 2012

The River

This was one of the things I convinced myself not to write about during my dark days. I'm glad I did.

After watching the first episode I certainly wasn't expecting to get carried away by the flood; I pretty much wanted to escape with a handmade raft!

I must admit though that I did change my mind after watching a couple more. I was a bit put off with the all "magic is out there" thing at first but they handled it pretty gracefully at the end if you ask me.

I actually like the Blair Witch filming moments since they don't make me dizzy, and the idea of digging deeper into the mystic properties of an uncharted part of the world did not leave me unmoved.

Sometimes it goes a little overboard with said notion (I'm attributing that to the infancy of the program, testing the waters) but other than that I believe it could turn into a quite strong candidate for my top 5 greatest shows of the season (which I will be posting at the end of it!).

Enough said and written, it's different and getting more interesting as it goes so give it a try!

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