Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's all about the music

I have been struggling with the notion of writing about something completely different for weeks now! We have been informing you about books, short stories, films, games, TV series and more, but we have never even mentioned music in this blog. I know you're thinking this is a blog about everything horrid; not about music. Bare with me though.

How many times have we seen a film or a series and couldn't take the tune out of our heads? How many times have we read a book and played tunes inside our head? How many times have we heard of a song or a melody and said "Wow, this would be a good fit for that movie or listening to this is like reading Edgar Allan Poe!"

Who doesn't remember the theme song of the "Exorcist", or "Freddy's song"? How they make us feel when we hear them unexpectadly..

Truth be told music plays a very important role in the success or not of a movie or a series or even a game. Melody can make something memorable.

Sometimes the notes convey feelings, sometimes there is a song, lyrics and melody preparing for what we are about to see. Either way can you even imagine the most important scenes of classic films without their musical garments? Imagine "Psycho" the most famous of scenes, the shower scene, with no music.. It's not the same is it?

It's a fact that whenever the music starts to change or gets more intense we know that something is going to happen, we feel the monsters lurking coming for the kill.

I thought about publishing a top ten of melodies coming from horror related things, but once I started I just couldn't narrow them down only to ten! I gave up and instead this came up: just a few lines dedicated to all those composers who have made us jump from our seats, gave us the chills, scared or even made us grin.

Closing I give you a tune that is so hard to forget and I'm asking all of you out there to check in and tell us which are the melodies that haunt your dreams?


  1. A fantastic piece morella, which also reminded me of the music of Midnight Syndicate. Anyway. I must admit I'm pretty partial to Freddy's Song (a childhood thing, I suppose) and the brilliant Alien soundtrack.

  2. I own every edition of every John Carpenter soundtrack. The man is amazing.
    And btw, the Exorcist theme was not made for the movie, it's from the record "Tubular Bells" by Mike Oldfield, although most people associate it with the film, of course.

  3. Couldn't agree with you more although I have a thing for the "JAWS" theme too!

  4. That is a valuable piece of information! I had no idea Anatoly.

  5. Ah, but Anatoly is a true homo universalis dear morella.


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