Monday, November 8, 2010

Aliens and Humans Unite

Without being exactly sure if it falls under the category of horror, Aliens Vs Predator is one of the few films this one can see without complaining.

A little bit of Aliens, Predator and Indiana Jones mixed with a lot of action and a beautiful setting (half somewhere lost in the glaciers and half in an ancient pyramid) makes for a not so bad film.
Aliens visiting earth in ancient times giving them the gift of building and in return asking for worship and human sacrifice.

Thousands of years later those aliens return setting in motion a trap in order to find humans to be sacrificed for the ultimate hunt! Things go wrong so the predators are left to deal with the newborn beasts with the help of humans. After a lot of chasing, grieving and killing, the star of the film stands alone having saved the earth and been acknowledged by a superior race.

What else can one ask for?

And in case you were wondering why there isn't anything here about the sequel, I can only say “It's not worth mentioning”.

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